The Biloxi System To Win at Roulette


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The ” Biloxi ” scheme among the various strategies for roulette is characterized by allowing small and frequent plays that allow a high level of entertainment and allow you to control your bankroll .

The first preliminary consideration to keep in mind when choosing to use this system is that it requires a lot of chips to be implemented.

In fact, the basis of the system is to cover about 84% of the green table with your chips.


The Biloxi system therefore plans to cover 32 numbers out of 38 leaving the gambling house only 15% of the chances of winning , but let’s see its implementation in practice:

  • 6 chips on the first column (numbers 1-34);
  • 6 chips on the third column (numbers 3-36);
  • 1 chip between 0 and 00;
  • 1 chip between 8 and 11;
  • 1 chip between 17 and 20;
  • 1 chip between 26 and 29.

Each winning spin will bring the player a net profit of 2 coins, bearing in mind that horse bets pay 17 times the amount invested.

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Pros and cons

This system is far from infallible, in fact the chances of winning are around 84% at 711kelab, however it allows you to implement a lasting and enjoyable gaming experience without the risk of losing your entire bankroll quickly .

Therefore, for those who decide to use this game scheme for American Roulette, we recommend, as usual, to constantly regulate their gaming experience.

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This scheme, which is part of the oldest roulette strategies , takes its name from this multifaceted intellectual has the great advantage of allowing a gaming experience without big losses, but studded with a good number of small winning bets.

This game tactic involves following a pattern based on bets such as red / black ; odd / even , varying the amount to bet from game to game.

These bets, as we explained in the introduction to Roulette , have an average payout of around 50%.


  • The first step is to choose a sequence of numbers, placed in ascending order.
  • In our example we will use the sequence of numbers ranging from 1 to 10: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.
  • The second step consists in identifying the bet amount by adding the extremes of the chosen numerical sequence, in this case: 1 + 10 = 11.

At this point, depending on the result that will come out of the roulette, the player will have to make the next move.

  • In the event that the first bet has a positive outcome, you will have to proceed by deleting the two extremes of the predetermined numerical sequence and make the next bet by adding the figure resulting from the two new extreme numbers.
  • In case of defeat, however, the amount to bet is obtained by adding the amount of the previous bet (11) to the initial number of the series, in this case therefore 11 + 1 = 12.

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