Choose The Optimal Coin Size Carefully To Start Playing Online Slots

Most of those who approach online slots do so with the intent of getting rich quick, blinded by the mirage of easy winnings at the bonuses and jackpots illustrated by the various advertisements on the web.

Obviously most of these newbies come out with “broken bones” from their first sessions and like the desperate people who crowd the slots around the world, they fall into an abyss of depression and poverty.

Playing and winning online slot machines, like other games, requires discipline, patience and undoubtedly a little help from luck, therefore playing with awareness and moderation is the only way to get good results and spend moments of pleasant entertainment. .

Play with awareness

We have already extensively illustrated in previous articles the importance of some concepts such as the percentage of return of the played, of the payout / payback and therefore we ask you once again to deepen them and to keep them in mind before tackling this article.

Knowing the slot is the first step to becoming a winner, so read our reviews carefully and focus your attention on the initial data of each item.

In fact, at the beginning of each of them we have carefully indicated some fundamental data that you must always use to choose the slot with which to try your hand:

  • theoretical percentage of return ( payback );
  • coin size ( Coin Size );
  • maximum bet allowed ( Max Bet ).

The coin denomination

We have dealt with the first aspect in great detail in the appropriate article and now the time has come to address the second topic and to dissect it with the same meticulousness, as it is anything but secondary.

The simpler systems provide a fixed system of paylines that can be activated, to which a variable-sized token is assigned, but other games are characterized by the possibility of adjusting the bet either by choosing the size of the token or by choosing how many coins to bet on each single line.

Proportionate the coin size to your Bankroll

If you want to become responsible and skilled slot machine players, the first thing to do is to choose a Coin Size that is proportional to your Bankroll . (e.g. if you have 20 euros available, avoid making bets of 2 euros each).

The online slots payment system is purely random, being governed by the RNG, however it is preferable not to exhaust your bankroll by squandering it in a few initial spins.

In some slots “guru” guides, it is often claimed that high stakes unlock the machine, but of course this is a lie as the random payout pattern is completely independent of the coin size you have selected.

Vary the size of the token

This strategy may apparently seem contrary to what we have said before, but in reality it is a logical consequence of it, as as you increase / decrease your budget during the game you will necessarily have to change the size of your bets.

The advice that comes from our long experience of playing with hundreds of slots is to reduce your bet after you have obtained a Bonus or Free Spins.

The principle behind this advice to “pull the handbrake” is to limit the effect of exaltation resulting from the victory you have obtained with the Bonus, as the slots like any other game can ignite your mind making you lose sight of the only winning strategy: StopWin.

When to push? The strategic use of the coin denomination

“But then, should you never play with high Coin Sizes?”

This question is more than legitimate after the long series of warnings and invitations to a strategic use of the Coin Size denomination; however the answer lies precisely in this phrase ” strategic use of the coin denomination “.

In fact, it is not unfair to increase the coin size when you have exceeded your Stopwingoal , trying to increase your winnings with a limited number of spins .

Limited number of spins above Stopwin’s targets

But be careful, the number of spins with the cut of the increased token must be calculated with accuracy to avoid falling below the StopWin threshold that you have imposed.

You must absolutely avoid going below the goal, because in your mind the spring that spurs you to catch him could be triggered and this can lead you to lose sight of the fundamental discipline that you have imposed on yourself.

So push when you are already above the winning threshold that you have set yourself, but do it with caution and discipline, as always.

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Improve Your Skills With The Texas Hold’em Poker Freerolls

We will discuss the various game strategies to be used in the various phases of the Free Rolls and how to best optimize this important gaming experience.

In fact, adapting one’s game strategies to the particular nature of the Free Rolls and to the average skill level of the participants, is central to being able to try to bring home some good placements or get to the bubble .

How to play Pre Flop in the early stages of the Texas Hold’em Poker Freeroll

Unfortunately, since there are many players, and being the level of play of many of them not very high, you will hardly be able to remove many players from the pot with a standard raise , so follow these tips based on the cards at your disposal and on the position in which you are.:

  • In fact, if Pre-Flop the dealer should give you AA, KK, QQ or AK, no matter what position you are in, you go all-in .
  • If you find yourself in middle-position or late-position, you go all-in with a JJ and AQ, as long as no one has raised before you.
  • With the lowest pairs (2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5,6-6) you should raise if you are in middle position and late position at about 4 big blinds (or even more), in the in case no one has already raised.
  • If you are in middle-position , you can even see the flop with a speculative hand , provided no one has already raised.
  • Limpate (pay only the big blind ) if you have 2, 5, 4, 3, 2, with AK, AQ and AJ and so-calledmedium-high suited connectors (cards of the same suit in direct succession like 7 and 6 or Q and J) .

How to play post Flop in the early stages of Texas Hold’em Poker Freerolls

On the flop the choice becomes the correct game action is more complex, our advice is as follows:

  • if on the flop you hit a two pair or a higher value hand , regardless of where you are you go all-in ;
  • with a good flush draw (at least one flush draw ) or a two-sided straight draw you can only go all-in if other players have already invested more chips.
  • on the other hand, if you have a top-pair in your hand, you must go all-in only if there are at most two opponents left, otherwise play carefully and don’t hesitate to fold.

How to play in the final round of the Texas Hold’em Poker Freeroll

The final phase of a Free Roll begins when your stack is made up of at least 20-25 big blinds and from now on the only strategy to adopt is to raise or fold .

As soon as a player raises, regardless of his position, go all-in if you have good cards, otherwise fold without hesitation, as calling in this is never a good choice.

Your gaming decisions must take into account the following factors:

  • check the stack of other players (keep track of players with small stacks and only challenge them when you have good points in hand).
  • stay away from players who use an aggressive style of play and have a bigger stack than yours, you should only face them if you have a good hand.
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